Valorisation of composted organic fines and sewage sludge using pyrolysis

tcbb RESOURCE is a partner in the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-funded OF-PYR project

tcbb RESOURCE is the project manager for OF-PYR

The OF-PYR project will investigate an emerging thermal technology (pyrolysis) -suitable for distributed treatment of waste -with regard to its suitability for deployment in Ireland, for treating two abundant and problematic organic waste materials with subsequent energy recovery through combustion of the syngas or char generated from pyrolysis

Residual mineral fractions will be retained for analysis to evaluate their inertness and suitability for reuse or landfill

An analysis of the potential environmental impacts from the proposed solution compared to the conventional treatments and of its economic feasibility will be undertaken including issues around regulatory compliance and planning

The OF-PYR objectives are:

  • Test and optimise process parameters for pyrolysing blends of Organic Fraction Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) and sewage sludge
  • Establish a mass and energy balance for pyrolysis of blends of feedstock
  • Characterise the physical and chemical properties of the initial wastes
  • Analyse the char combustion behaviour and ash formation at lab scale
  • Undertake pilot-scale treatment of waste streams
  • Undertake thermal oxidation of chars to establish extent of vitrification
  • Assess the inertness of the vitrified slags and chars
  • Undertake an economic and environmental analysis on the end-to-end process

The OF-PYR project consortium team includes:

  • University of Limerick (UL)
  • tcbb RESOURCE
  • Premier Green Energy Ltd.
  • Greenstar
  • Enrich Environmental
  • OD Recycling
  • Irish Water participates on a project steering committee

EPA Research - Report No. 340

Valorisation of Composted Organic Fines and Sewage Sludge Using Pyrolysis (OF-PYR)
Authors: Marzena Kwapinska, David A. Agar, Bart Bonsall and James J. Leahy

Our report from the OF-PYR project, for Ireland's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been published in its Report No. 340.

In Ireland, organic “fines” residue, derived from the separation of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants, are currently processed for disposal as wastes. The Valorisation of Composted Organic Fines and Sewage Sludge Using Pyrolysis project (OF-PYR) investigated the potential of slow pyrolysis as a technology for their treatment as an alternative to other disposal options.

EPA Research Report No. 340 is available to download, from this external link, on the EPA's web-site:

OF-PYR Report - EPA Research Report No. 340 https://www.epa.ie/researchandeducation/research/researchpublications/researchreports/research340.html